Habitaciones Privadas/Private Rooms

Habitaciones Single, Doble/Twin o Triple con suelo de madera, TV y la posibilidad de elegir entre baño privado o compartido.

Single, Double/Twin or Triple Rooms with wooden floors, TV and the possibility to choose between private or shared bathroom.

Conócenos/About Us

Recepción las 24hs, Wi-Fi, Desayuno Continental, Cocina Compartida, Ducha Caliente las 24 hs, etc… son algunos de los servicios incluidos en nuestra propuesta.

24 hour Reception, Wi-Fi, Continental Breakfast, Shared Kitchen, 24 hour hot shower, etc ... are some of the services included in our proposal.

Areas Comunes / Common Areas

Contamos con una sala de estar donde podes encontrar TV, computadora para acceso a Internet y juegos de mesa. Tambien podes disfrutar de nuestro patio al aire libre

We have a living room where you can find TV, computer for Internet access and board games. You can also enjoy our outdoor courtyard


Contamos con Dormitorios de 4 camas femeninos o mixtos y también con un Dormitorio de 8 Camas Mixto. Todos provistos de lockers individuales.

We have 4 bed female and mixed Dorms and another 8 bed mixed Dorm. All equipped with individual lockers .

Nuestro Lugar/Our Place

En Vi Luz y Entré las luces se perfilan a un espacio lejos de lo corriente. Las puertas nos dan la bienvenida a un reducto diferente, ceñido por paredes del siglo pasado: música, imágenes, lenguas, sueños se entremezclarán con total vitalidad.

In Vi Luz y Entré the lights are profiled in a space away from the ordinary. The doors welcome us to a different haven, encircled by walls of the last century: music, images, languages​​ and dreams will be mixed with full vitality.

  • About Us

We are a quiet home atmosphere Hostel with a warm and personalized service for more than eight years ago. In an old house of the early twentieth century, fully restored and refurbished, offering dormitories and private rooms, kitchen and bathroom equipped for guest use, and a classic courtyard with barbeque.

We are located in the district of Congreso, a few blocks from downtown, subway stations and bus stops. A traditional area of ​​Buenos Aires, where guests can learn not only the tourist areas of the city, but also the character and the particular way of life of a Buenos Aires neighborhood.

  • What are we doing?

We rely on four main items:

1. Responsible Tourism, display, preserve, nurture and promote the natural and cultural heritage of the city of Buenos Aires and the world.

2. Education and Culture: Integrating a free knowledge network. We offer a varied cultural program from our hostel and the city.

We promote our space for conferences, workshops and other cultural and educational activities. (Coming soon)

3. Recycling: we estimulate our guests to reduce consumption of  water and energy. We also have a system of separation of organic and inorganic waste, giving a specific destination to each one.

4. Management Development: Donation Center (clothes, books, food and other) where we take care of  the classification and its distribution. Open to every person who want to help improve processes.

  • What do we want to Be?

Our searching is not just accommodating people, it´s exchanging ideas and dreams generating a collective consciousness on issues such as conservation and preservation of natural resources.

We offer the possibility of free trade from our activities and physical spaces, allowing travelers crossing borders of language and cultural differences to become active members and participants of our place.

We're waiting for you!

“Vi Luz y Entre”... A phrase that a trained ear can hear in any neighborhood of Buenos Aires. You say it when a person goes unexpectedly to visit the home of a friend or relative. This phrase means hospitality,  warmth and the doors are always open for friendly people ...